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My Digital Footprint

Barefoot !
Photo Credit: Craig Sunter via Compfight

A digital footprint is like your history, but for electronics. So every thing you do, watch or look up someone can just look your name and find what ever you did. People can even find things you did even if you erased it or even erased it from your history. Your digit footprint even starts before your born and after your death. My class looked up our names and the only thing I found was my blog. Also if you use any usernames in any website than some different things will pop up. I learned most of these things from two videos. if you would like to watch them, they will be right below.

Have you ever looked up your digital footprint, if not just type your name in on Google Search.Please comment down below.


3 Responses to My Digital Footprint

  1. Miss W. says:

    G’day Julius,
    Do you think you will change the way you use the internet after having watched those videos? The more you use the internet the more information is on there, and when you do a Google search a few years from now, I wonder what you will find?

    • jgriffin31 says:

      Dear Mrs W

      I will be a ton more careful of what I do so if I have kids they only see the good things I did, not the bad things I did. Hopefully I remember the two videos so I only find good things on Google search in two or three years from now.


  2. MysteriousRainbowNinja48 says:

    I really like your blog!
    It is a little scary that you can trace back EVERYTHING you can do on the web!!
    Please come to my classes website: mas5thgrade.org

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